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" To accomplish great things, we must not only act,

but also dream; not only plan,

but also believe. "

Anatole France  

Organizational Effectiveness Services ……  

Organizational effectiveness is largely dependant upon one looking at the organization from a holistic viewpoint – using a systems-thinking approach  - considering Culture, Leadership, Plans, Processes, People.  All too often an organizational leader/business owner, who themselves are a high-performing entrepreneur, will conclude that his people, who are not performing to his standard of excellence, are the core issue.  The problem must lie in their attitudes, abilities, motivation, and/or knowledge and experience levels.  This leader concludes we must need training, or an offsite leadership development session, etc.  While there may be some real issues related to having the right-fit employees for position/responsibilities, very often the core issues lie in the culture and the organizational systems and processes that are directly related to the mental model of the top leader defining the organizational structure/system itself.   What do I mean by that?  If you are a small to medium-sized business owner who has been frustrated by any of the following then read on:


§         The organization’s top leaders/managers are just not on the same page

§         The vision has been cast and we even did so in a collaborative fashion, but nothing has changed

§         Managers aren’t truly “owning” their area; getting things done using the same judgment in decision-making - without you being directly involved

§         No matter how frequently expectations are communicated, decisions and performance just don’t line up with what was clearly communicated   

§         Just don’t seem to get everything done even though you’ve hired more and more people

Most small/medium-sized businesses that have been founded by a true entrepreneur will have an organizational model much like a wheel with the leader at the hub of the wheel.  All the managers/department leaders are the spokes in the wheel all connected to each other through the hub.  Everything centers on the hub (owner/top leader).  The wheel turns to get things done, but only with the involvement of the hub.  You ask, “Well what’s wrong with this model?  Aren’t most small businesses run like this, after all I own the business?”  Well, the answer is simply, if you like the results that you are getting, then YES.   However, if you are not getting the results you would like, then let’s discuss how to create the organizational culture that you truly want!    


Partnering to Reach Your Organization’s Potential…

§     Performance Plans - Organization, Team & Individual

  • Defining Vision, Strategy and Goals
  • Driven by Customer Value Chain (CVAM)
  • Strategy Alignment – Annual commitment and performance review process

§     Processes Improvement and Measures

  • Alignment with Customer Value Drivers and Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Balanced Scorecard Approach
  • Integrated measures appropriate to function

§     People – Talent, Performance and Retention

  • Selection of “Best Fit” People and Teams
  • Coaching and Training for Ownership & Peak Performance
  • Leadership Development  
  • Conflict Resolution - Building Trust and Effective Communications


"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, 
not more followers."

- Ralph Nader




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