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OUR SERVICES - for Business and individuals

" To accomplish great things, we must not only act,

but also dream; not only plan,

but also believe. "

Anatole France  

Categories of Services For Organizations……

Coaching for Excellence 
Our approach to coaching is centered on leadership, learning and integrating professional and personal goals and principles. 

Leadership Development
Our programs are designed to help leaders - from new leaders to executives - understand and leverage their strengths, as well as identify and improve their development areas. 

Organizational Effectiveness 
Our customized programs will help you align and revise processes, manage organizational change, improve performance and maintain employee commitment and satisfaction. 

Career Management 
Our career management system will set you on the path to a career that will be more fulfilling, make better use of your innate talent and skills, and allow you to do what you love and love what you do.  Benefits both Individual and Organization!

We use the RightPath Solutions method and tool to help you develop and maintain teams that are balanced, cohesive and effective.


Services For Individuals……

            Life Purpose and Career Marketing Coaching

"You see I feel that everything is happening "on purpose". I do not mean it the way most people mean it. I see it a little differently. What if everything in your life is happening to put you on your purpose for being here? For you to express the gift that is uniquely yours. Everything that happens is happening to direct you to effortlessly create value in such a way that it is just an expression of who you truly are. Therefore you are just “doing you” and often getting paid for it. "

Your life purpose is an integration - a culmination of all the different types of work you've done and personal experiences you've had. You have performed different jobs and had many experiences that fulfilled different parts of you. Creating your ideal career is like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. At a certain point, the pieces come together, and you're looking at the whole picture - an integration happens. This is when you arrive at your life's work and purpose.

What a career marketing coach does for you, theoretically you could do yourself.  But have you ever noticed how difficult it is for us to SEE past our own blind spots? And conversely, how easy it is for trained professionals to see us – both our positive and negative aspects - more easily and accurately. That is why working with a professional coach whom you trust can be so transformational..... So why choose to work with a career marketing coach rather than do this on your own?  The real concerns you should have are if you have the time and expertise to maximize your efforts in the job search doing it alone. Can you effectively do this with the objective, critical eye you need to get the job done quickly?  According to the statistics (from the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD )) the probability of reaching a goal improves dramatically with the assistance of a coach:

§          10% of people complete a goal after hearing an idea

§          25% of people complete a goal after they consciously decide to adopt an idea

§          40% of people complete a goal when they decide by when they will do it

§          50% of people that make a plan on how they will accomplish the goal do so

§          65% of people who make a commitment to someone else will accomplish a goal

§          95% of people who have specific accountability appointment with the person to whom they committed will accomplish the goal

A challenging and exciting career choice is a decision that influences your quality of life and even your identity. As is the case with other important decisions in your life, professionals will seek professional assistance.  Your career is one area that will benefit from the direction of a career-marketing coach when you choose the right professional to work with you!

We are committed and honored to help you move through this process so that you may connect with this very profound work...your life purpose!


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
Living the life you’ve imagined”
Henry David Thoreau



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