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All Glory comes from daring to begin



Your program will begin by initially evaluating what you want to do and how that will fit into the organization’s current processes.   We will design a program specific to your goals and current needs.

Ideas of things to look at when considering bringing an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant or Coach into your organization:

§          What result is your company looking for?

§          What do you want to be different?

§          What is the impact you are looking for?

§          How will that desired impact be maintained?

§          How will you know when the desired impact is reached?

§          What tools will be used to measure the success of the program?

§          What does success look like?

§          How will you enroll and support your employees?

§          How committed are you? 


How Can Coaching Help Your Organization …..


§  Provides a platform for organizational evolution

§  Results in improved workforce recruitment and retention

§  Is applicable to all parts of the organization

§  Uses a common language which everyone can relate to

§  Emphasizes each individual's unique potential

§  Is relevant to individuals as well as teams

§  Promotes development of new skills

§  Enhances communication with internal and external customers

§  Complements other improvement processes

§  Has sustainable benefits

§  Promotes focused performance discussions

§  Forms a basis for planning for career advancement 

§  Fosters entrepreneurial thinking

§  Facilitates the building of shared vision


Nothing happens unless first a dream.
Carl Sandburg



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