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Your vision will become clear only when you

look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.

                                                                        -Carl Jung

Some of Our Business Clients Include:

§          BellSouth Telecommunications - SBS Division, ICS Division, and Consumer Division

§          DELL Computers – Small Business

§          Homeland Computer Systems (HCS)

§          Woodmoor Group, Inc.

§          Premier Staffing Solutions (PSS)

§          Colonial Properties Trust

Some of Our Clients testimonials and feedback....

Lauren G., Alabama

"Thank you so much for your outstanding service."

      Phil B., Texas

" You possess an emotional & spiritual maturity (& always have) that most folks never attain.  And you can discuss things in such a humble way that makes a great teacher."

Candace O., Alabama

" As a result of this class I made a decision to pursue what I saw myself doing in the future....something called AWAKEN maybe....to continue to ask and be very hungry for wisdom about what God has for me. To not settle...but to really go for abundance. To be inspired. TO go through some steps to find out what I would like to do .....you know actually sitting down and taking the TIME to really ask myself what I want."

      Chris C., England

" I feel I know what I want, but I do need the push to get things done and so your reasoning helped me to move on in my dreams and ambitions. It also encouraged me not to fear new tasks and changes, but to relish them.”

     Eddie. D, Georgia

"Thank you for the advice. Great service, as always!"

Cyndy G., Alabama

" Wonderful person - you pull parts out of me I never knew I had - Non-judgmental - accept people as they are. You have the ability to help others get on track and see things from other points-of-view. "

P. Caldwell, Georgia

"D’Andrea is a visionary.  She’s very good at understanding and predicting long-term implications. "

Cindy M., Alabama

"I found your approach to finding your true calling very enlightening. I am definitely ready to make a move in my life and I appreciated your class for bringing some things to the front of my mind."

R. Lucas, Alabama

“She was invaluable in helping me sharpen my interviewing skills, fine tune my resume, and utilize the most current technology for job search.” “I was so impressed with her abilities that I have hired her to work with my daughter who is a high school senior with establishing a career direction.” 

J. Bryant, Georgia

“Her perspective and insights have always been grounded in her faith and a genuine caring.” 

E. McCall, Georgia

“You have an analytical mind that can easily see direction and outcomes long before they approach.  I think that supports the drive and commitment you have to your efforts. ”

      C. Castell, Alabama

" I loved the structure of the seminar and how you kept building on the previous points, such as the guided meditation. It really helps emphasize my personal goals and what I can achieve. Thank you!"

J. Bryant, Georgia

“I have known D’Andrea O’Hara both professionally and personally for the last 13 years.  During that time I have been fortunate enough to work for and with her in numerous and diverse areas.  She has always shown the ability to bring a broad array of talents to bear to address business problems.  She has a drive that energizes the people she works with and has always been known for her ability to get things done."



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